Arden Group launches Marbach latest innovation in blank separation tooling to the UK market. The lightblanker, has been designed to offer a more economical blank separation solution to customers who convert low-medium and single run carton orders.

Until today our customers have worked without mechanical blank separation for low and single orders due to profitability reasons. The blanks have had to be separated manually in an inefficient and time-consuming way. The new lightblanker opens up the possibility to cost effectively blank separate even short run or one off orders.

This tool offers easy handling and low make-ready times: the basic frame is standardised – only the blanking rid has to be changed for each order. This blanking grid – compared to the standard systems which are available on the market – can be immediately used without time-consuming screwing and adjusting.

Consequently both the profitability of mechanical blank separation and the efficiency factor of the blanking unit will considerably increase through the use of the lightblanker.After extensive tests throughout the UK Arden are convinced that the lightblanker has performed equally as well as it's Eco system and in most instances our customers would secure more commercial benefits without experiencing any lost performance by selecting the lightblanker over the Eco blanking tooling.

Arden offer a customer layout evaluation service, at point of order, so they can advise on the best Blanking tooling option for its’customers. For some high runs and repeat orders Arden still recommends its’ well proven range of blanking tools: Eco or Dedicated systems, subject to our customers order criteria.

Lightblanker Customer Benefits:

  • One off frame cost, no repeat charge for frames
  • Solid Steel Frame: increase durability
  • Quick Set time: - Grids are made for each job and locate easily into the one frame, on press
  • Reduced Storage: no frame to store
  • New cost effective joggers, (plastic extrusion produce) easy to fit on site or pre-set by Arden.
  • New Waste Clamps Design: reusable, easy to remove or add, Grids can be ordered without pressers and added from customers stock by PMR staff.
  • New Quick Lock Waste Clamp: telescopic waste clamp system available.
  • Substantial commercial saving compared to any other Blanker: - More layouts can be blanked due to commercial viability. Remove labour costs associated with hand separation.
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